Tell It Again!

When Natalie Jones tells stories, audiences want to hear more.

Whether she is:
  • leading preschoolers in story songs,
  • filling an elementary school gym with laughter,
  • bringing history to life for eighth graders,
  • touching hearts at a church retreat, or
  • keeping families on the edge of their seats with tales of suspense,

Natalie’s skill and storytelling experience captivates the crowd.

With sheer delight, she motivates her younger audience members to read, write and act out stories, while she inspires parents, educators and family members to find and share stories of their own.

Natalie makes magic happen with her storytelling. From the rabbits she pulls out of her top hat to the colorful images she pulls out of her listeners' imaginations, her stories delight and surprise with their warmth and sense of fun.”—Dolores Hydock, Storyteller and Actress, Brimingham , AL