A Sampler of Storytelling Programs

Perfect for Preschoolers

Special Costumed Programs
Mother Goose, Scarecrow, Fairy Godmother & more
Holidays * Summer Camps * Christmas Pageant
Monthly Themes like I am Special & Snow Soup

Elementary & Library Programs

The Magic of Story: Tales and Tricks * The Silent Witness - Civil War for 5th & 8th Grades
Catch the Rhythm: Stories & Music
* History of the Creek & Cherokee in Georgia
American Stories * American Folk Heros
Around the World with Folktales *
Georgia On My Mind: Georgia Tales & Authors

And for older students and adults .....

Legends, History & Personal Stories

Outer Banks Legends
Ghost & Campfire Tales
FDR and Warm Springs
Madonna of the Trail: Pioneer Women

Birthday Parties

Story and Costumes to match your theme ages 2 and up

“Our children call her 'The Story Lady.' They love to see Natalie coming, and so do the teachers. They know Natalie will capture their students' imagination while covering educational standards at the same time.” Cathy Mattocks, Shelton Elementary School Media Specialist.